Happy 50th Birthday St. Joseph’s

On March 1, 2018 we celebrated our 50th Birthday! All week we talked about the birthday and did small groups that included making banners, birthday cards, birthdays cakes, ect… we had a family snack at our centres on March 1 to celebrate. This is such an amazing milestone! 63E96460-3ABA-4454-AE28-929AABDEE9D8 1871A852-DCD9-42A2-9498-1D6DE2A7F7CF 0F090035-487F-4B94-AA27-926AED4670B6 8C1A6392-2EEF-4FF2-970C-693A94B06104 F1CFD24E-8870-4D3B-88BB-3BA585AA94FB